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This holder is made to fit the contour of your sky or solstice center arm rest.   The overall hight is 2" and each cup holder measures 3.25" to fit most common drinks.   It sits on top of the arm rest and can be secured 2 different ways.  The first you simply peel the 2 way tape on the back and apply.  The second option is to use the supplied metal tab that bends around the front edge to secure it.   The tab is removal for those that wish to just use the 2 way tape and we recommend adding a small dab of glue to the tab where it meets sits in the holder for extra grip just in case.  Using the tab also requires the console to be released just enough to bend the clamp into place.  This is not a full removal just lift and inch or so to be able to fit the tab into place.  As always you can find us on Facebook or give us a ring and we can answer any questions you may have.   

These take about a day to come off the machine so inventory will be added often and if we are out of stock please check back soon. 

Cup holder for Saturn Sky or Pontiac Solstice

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