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This is a unique custom barbed wire pin striping design is made to have an end point on both sides. If you wish to make it longer, they are designed to be cut in front or back of a barb and then extended with an additional one to make your application as long as you need it. You will still have that closed end look rather than just stopping like normal stripes would. It's a great way to jazz up your motorcycle, car, truck, boat or whatever you want to put them on without a huge expense of a custom airbrush paint job. Best part of using vinyl is that if you decide to change it up you can. These graphics are also safe to clear coat over should you want to make it more permanent.


Designed and made on site by us using the best materials and newest manufacturing equipment. We use a 7 color process so these graphics have vivid color and are highly detailed. Industrial grade inks also extend the life of the graphic for years to come without any fading.


This product has reflective options. Made from the same materials used on emergency vehicles, our reflective products look just the same as the non reflective designs during the day but at night when light hits them, they reflect grabbing your attention. With our special 7 color translucent ink reflective process all the color within the graphic reflects. It's a great attention grabber for your vehicle as well as a great safety feature at night.   With these and some extra loud pipes you may just get noticed!

Sold as a Single Graphic

Barbed Wire Pin Striping

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