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I see lots of folks needing to replace the protection sheets that are on the trunk and protect the paint from the soft top.  We've been doing vinyl graphics on the side since 2001 so it was a no brainer to offer this product.  Material is Oraguard Stone Guard and in 6 mil thick which is the same as the factory installed sheets and die cut to fit.  They are applied dry if you are familiar with doing it that way or by doing a wet application which is much easier.  You can use commercial application fluid which can be found on amazon or via a quick google search or make your own with a drop of liquid soap in a spray bottle with water.  To remove your old we recommend using a hair dryer.  A heat gun can also be used but the heat gun can get too hot if you are not paying attention.  Using the heat you can pull up an edge with your finger nail enough to pull on it while applying heat and once the temp hits that sweet spot you will feel it breaking loose from the surface and most of the adhesive will come with it.  What's left over use a citris based cleaner like googone to remove the remaining adhesive and your ready to install your new ones.  We are always here for support on this an just message us and we can give you more tips or explain further.   


6 mil Clear 


Includes both right and left sides.


Fits all Kappa Models - Sky, Solstice, Opal GT and Daewoo G2X              

Clear Truck / Convertable Top Protectors fits Saturn Sky & Pontiac Soltice

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