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Reverse Tribal Flame Decal Kit are die cut right to the edge with no white or clear showing.  With this design once applied it makes to look like the painted surface it's applied to overlaps the actual vinyl graphic.  Something hard to achieve without airbrushing a custom design.  Works great on your motorcycle, golf cart, ATB, kayak, scooter, Ebike, car or truck.  Available in many sizes these will work just anywhere to give awesome flame job you always wanted but couldn't afford. If you are looking to liven things up, this design will give you that expensive flame paint job look without emptying your wallet like a professional painter would require. The nice thing about vinyl graphics is the fact that if you ever get tired of them, they can always be removed and replaced with something new to keep it fresh. These graphics are also safe to clear coat over should you want to make it more permanent.  Designed and produced by Weston Ink's professional designers using the best materials and newest manufacturing equipment. Using the newest printing technology with a 7-color process these graphics have vivid color and are highly detailed.  Industrial grade inks also extend the life of the graphic for years to come without any fading.  


This product has a reflective!  Made from the same materials used on emergency vehicles, our reflective products look like normal graphics during the day but at night when light hits them they reflect grabbing your attention. With our special 7 color translucent ink reflective process all the color within the graphic reflects. It's a great attention grabber for your vehicle as well as a great safety feature at night.


Sold as a set of 2

One for each side.

Reverse Tribal Flame Decal Kit - Camo Collection

SKU: FL021
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