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Classic car or motorcycle street rod style flames from Weston Ink. Add some life to your car, truck, SUV, ATV, motorcycle or anything that needs a little color with these old school style traditional flame decals. Designed and produced in house using the best materials and newest processes available. Using the newest printing technology with a 7-color process these graphics pop in color and are highly detailed. New inks also extend the life of the graphic for years to come without any fading. These work great for motorcycle tanks, saddle bags, golf carts, fenders and much more. We also have thinner designs that match up the flame style to make it a complete professional package.

This product has reflective options. Made from the same materials used on emergency vehicles, our reflective products look just the same as the non-reflective designs during the day but at night when light hits them they reflect grabbing your attention. With our special 7 color translucent ink reflective process all the color within the graphic reflects. It's a great attention grabber for your vehicle as well as a great safety feature at night.

Sold as a set of 2
One for each side.

Street Rod Classic Flame Decals - Camo Colors

SKU: FL020
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